Lucky Charms are Not Enough

The Chinese new year was splendid! I am no Chinese but I believe everyone truly had a blast. While we were strolling at the mall, loud music was resonating everywhere from different wah pedals and other instruments. I have also seen a wide range of lucky charms and Feng Shui paraphernalia sold in various stalls. Upon taking a glimpse of it, I have come to realize that many believe that success and failure are brought by chance. I think this is why a lot of individuals spend their fortune by purchasing all these good luck charms and stuff. They say that these not only draw in good fortune but harmony in all aspects of your life as well. These are said to pull in positive energy that is necessary for harmonious and peaceful living.


Although, I have nothing against those who rely on to these charms, and whatever the purposes of these objects really are; it is just that, there are some individuals who solely adhere to such and letting it define their whole fate. They act as if their entire lives depend on it; that if you are not wearing one a series of bad things will happen to you. Truth be told, lucky charms are fine. But they are not enough. One must not simply bank on the abilities of these charms to turn their fate, whichever its direction is, around. Quoting a verse in the bible, faith without works is dead. Do not let these charms do all the attraction. Do your part as well. Get up and chase your dreams, before they all vanish into thin air.