How to Choose an Event Planner

A good event planner will have the ability to turn your vision for your upcoming function into reality; ideally, he or she will also be able to do this within the budget that you have selected. Before hiring an event planner, it may be a good idea to consider the big questions surrounding the decision to ensure that both you and your guests have a great time at your next party.

1. First and foremost, an event planner should be passionate about his or her work. This is not a business that people typically enter just to make a decent living; if the event planner you are considering seems indifferent about the finer points of your function, keep looking.

2. Depending on the type of party you are planning, it may be a good idea to find an event planner who specializes in the type of function that you will be hosting. For example, a party planner for children may be great for your son’s first birthday, while a corporate event planner would be more appropriate for your company’s holiday gala.

3. Evaluate your potential event planner’s ability to organize and manage time before signing the contract; if he or she cannot handle dealing with the catering company, DJ, waitstaff and florist all at once, choose someone else. Similarly, your event planner should be able to demonstrate his or her resourcefulness; for example, if the caterer’s refrigeration system fails the night before your event, can the event planner be trusted to locate an alternative?

4. Once you have found several event planners who appear to be capable of handling the job, it is time to begin the process of interviewing each one. If possible, interview in person and ensure that you have the chance to look over each event planner’s total budget before signing a contract. As always, make sure that you check the references of your best prospect; after all, it is the best way to verify his or her reported experience.

Get Ready to Party

Assuming that your event planner is qualified to do the job, your party should go smoothly and you will have a stellar resource for future functions. Should you be dissatisfied with the event planner’s progress at any point, speak up; after all, misunderstandings over the details of your party do not have to sour this business relationship.

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