Thankful for the Blessings!

It’s been a while since I have shared personal posts and updates here in any of my blogs because of professional tightness of schedule. I seldom share how my life has moved on and even mention how grateful, thankful and blessed I am.

Now, just give me a post to share my life’s gratefulness has been, that even in a most-single thing I had been very thankful, contented and happy with the things that God has provided to me and to my family.

People who knew me personally can attest how our lives been through. We are not rich, we do not have a golden spoon. But at least we can eat enough a day. Being on this situation does not mean I would be harrowed to face my future. But I rather chose to be accept what we had been through and promised to myself to at least become better compared to our past. I made sure that our past was a great lesson to learn and improve. And that is one thing I am very grateful for — grateful of our past that made me who I am now, to my parents and to my family, relatives and friends who up until now are still here to help and support me and my family to become better and to live this life more thankful and be blessed.

Indeed, I could say that thankful people are the happiest one. I never asked God for grandiose life way far from who we had been. But I only tried to become better and strive harder to provide more to my family. Although we really started from rags but I cannot say we are having the riches now, just at least we can buy what we needed more.

Christmas Celebration 2016

This is a sponsored post and all mentioned here are my thoughts and opinions.

Waking up at the melancholic pitter-patter of raindrops on my window reminds me that Christmas is in the air. Unlike in the West, we never get to experience the delightful surprise of snow every time we go out. Instead, it is usually a light drizzle of rain or simply the chilly December air that greet us Filipinos in the morning.

Christmas Celebration 2016

As I went to the window to see if the rain has stopped and of course to contemplate a little about life, I could not help but think of how will I celebrate this year’s Christmas.

I believe that personal as well as financial preparations must be done. I think of the clothes I should wear during our family gathering on Christmas eve, the various presents which I can get from the Vitamin Shoppe, and of course the food I should prepare. A sudden jolt of excitement radiated through my system as I imagine all the good stuff I get to make. Traditional dishes will fill our table. Hot chocolate also known as sikwate will also be made available and, one must not forget, the Christmas wine–which is available at and comes with a Groupon Coupons–to complement the holiday feast.

Now the rain had stopped and the sun is making its way through the clouds again. Unexpectedly, this early morning contemplation turned out to be a thorough planning. Then again, I have come to realize that it is not only about how extravagant your presents are or how fancy your holiday feast would be but sharing and giving love as well, not just this season but all throughout the year.

Song on My Birthday

My birthday celebration this year wasn’t the most costly, but I could say, was the most memorable by far. It was a quick plan but everything went exciting unexpectedly. I’ve received no more than material gifts but unmeasurable love and emotions from my family, especially from my own family – my husband and son.

Birthday Song

The most exciting of all is when I heard my not-so-talented singer hubby singing a birthday song, which definitely is in-tune but of its own tune. 😀 😀 😀 I guess my hubby just needs a musics friend instruments to back him up on his song serenade for me.

Anyway, I am so thankful for all the love sent through messages for me. I treasure all of those.

My Dad’s supposed to be 62nd birthday

Every 19th of August, I always feel sorrowful as I could always remember what happened to my dad and also, celebrating his birthday without him is always heart-wrenching.

Today is supposed to be his 62nd birthday but he, instead, celebrate it in heaven.

My Dad's supposed to be 62nd birthday

For you Pa, always remember that I always love you and miss you. How I wish that you are still here celebrating with us — singing, eating, enjoying and living the life to its fullest. But anyhow, happy happy birthday Pa! We love you always!

Online Flower Delivery

Flower delivery services in the country is not that well-enterprising. Perhaps the reason why during holidays or events in the country, flower-giving as a present is not that usual. Flower Delivery Online PhilippinesMore often than not, as experienced also, people just used to shopping a bouquet of flowers in the malls or nearby shops to grab their preferred flowers for their loved ones especially on certain occasions or even not. This is one breakthrough that is missed advancing in the midst of technological development. Although online shopping and other one-click-away services on food and other commodities are almost available in the country, this online flower delivery has left behind.

This has actually just made me think of this flower delivery system in the country when one of the patients’ relative was murmuring about such which I overheard when I happened to check on the patient. He was actually having hard time looking for fresh beautifully arranged fragrant flowers in the vicinity near the hospital for his mother, who happened to be my patient. I supposed to butt in and tried to give him some ideas where to get some flowers, but I was also in doubt if the flowers he was looking for were still available. So I just thought to myself that only if flower shops are available in the country with florists like those florist sydney from Australia, I am sure we can provide flowers what every body is needing for.

Florist with Flowers, by the way, offers real fresh perfectly arranged flowers which are available to grab online and be delivered then to the doorsteps of the loved ones each client longed to hand to. Flowers varies from sizes, numbers and as well as on the types and kinds of flowers to give and for different occasions as well.

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