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Girls Talk: To Die For Angelina Jolie

It’s Friday already but I shouldn’t miss joining Girls Talk this week. Last week, GT was about To Die For Food. And mine was the Fish Mozarella Melt. This week is about a celebrity – To Die for Angelina Jolie! I’m getting speechless with Angelina Jolie! She’s an awesome woman! Thank You FIRST COMMENTER! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post … Continue reading


Girls Talk: To Die For Fish Mozzarella Melt

Great Thursday everyone! It’s time for Girls Talk again. For the month of April, Girls Talk will be about something to die. And for this week, it’s FOOD! Fish Mozzarella Melt of Mooon Cafe Fish Mozzarella Melt of Mooon Cafe here in Robinsons Cybergate, Cebu City is what I am dying for now. It’s really yummy. I have tried and … Continue reading


Girls Talk: LSS – Born This Way (Lady Gaga)

Musical March for Girls talk is almost to set off. But before it really will, Girls Talk this week will have the Last Song Syndrome (LSS) before welcoming April 2011. Here’s my LSS for the past days. Actually, I have already featured this Lady Gaga song, Born This Way, in one of my Music Mondayentries. But off course, as said, … Continue reading


Girls Talk: Song That Makes Me Smile

It’s GIRLS TALK, once again! I just missed this blog meme the past weeks but since I can somehow manage to blog today, I won’t let Thursday pass by not joining Girls Talk. This week’s GT (Girls Talk) theme is all about the song that make us (me) smile. Every time I hear this song ‘Till I Met You by … Continue reading


Girls Talk: Work Resolution

Oh yeah! After a very long time, I’m back with Girls Talk! Obviously, I don’t have any work! I am yet a medical student. I thought of having one though, me, myself surely cannot hurdle those bags of stuffs of workloads plus the bundles of books and notes needed to be read and done the night before classes on the … Continue reading