Lucky Charms are Not Enough

The Chinese new year was splendid! I am no Chinese but I believe everyone truly had a blast. While we were strolling at the mall, loud music was resonating everywhere from different wah pedals and other instruments. I have also seen a wide range of lucky charms and Feng Shui paraphernalia sold in various stalls. Upon taking a glimpse of it, I have come to realize that many believe that success and failure are brought by chance. I think this is why a lot of individuals spend their fortune by purchasing all these good luck charms and stuff. They say that these not only draw in good fortune but harmony in all aspects of your life as well. These are said to pull in positive energy that is necessary for harmonious and peaceful living.


Although, I have nothing against those who rely on to these charms, and whatever the purposes of these objects really are; it is just that, there are some individuals who solely adhere to such and letting it define their whole fate. They act as if their entire lives depend on it; that if you are not wearing one a series of bad things will happen to you. Truth be told, lucky charms are fine. But they are not enough. One must not simply bank on the abilities of these charms to turn their fate, whichever its direction is, around. Quoting a verse in the bible, faith without works is dead. Do not let these charms do all the attraction. Do your part as well. Get up and chase your dreams, before they all vanish into thin air.

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Modern Industrial Supplies Have Been Built To A New Standard

Recent changes in the way industrial supplies are made have resulted in a much stronger product. Federal legislation regarding industrial standards has been a key, if very ill-publicized, shot in the arm for the parts making sector. Thanks to these timely legal developments, the parts that you are able to find in stores or order from the Internet are being built to a whole new standard of excellence. As a result, they are guaranteed to last longer and perform more efficiently. This gives a whole new impetus to the productivity and profitability of your own business.

Where Can You Go To Find Parts That Have Been Created Under The New Standard?

If you are searching for these new parts, such as Firestone air springs, there are a few key places to check first. Obviously, you can still make the trek down to your local parts store. You’ll still be taking the same chance as always as to whether or not you will find them there. Many stores that have received the new generation of parts may not even be aware that they are selling them. For this reason, it may be hard to tell at first whether or not you will be purchasing parts according to the old standard or the new.

When It Comes To Quality, You’ve Got To Know Where To Find It

This issue raises the question of quality. How can you be sure that you are getting the parts you need while still continuing to pay the best possible price for them? And how will you know that you are getting the new style of parts? The simplest answer that can be given to this question is to check the provenance of the parts. The best way to do this is to browse the Internet for all of the latest product news and specifications.

Industrial Supplies

Your Best Bet To Get The Lowdown On Parts Is On The Internet

It’s a given that the Internet has swiftly become the best place to do your parts shopping. This is even truer now that an entire generation of industrial parts is being crafted to a whole new standard of quality and efficiency. With this in mind, a few minutes spent checking specs and manufacture dates is a definite must. The best place to accomplish this is on the web.

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How to Take Care Of Your Backpack Zippers

If you have a bag that uses zippers for fastening, then you need to know how to take care of these zippers so that they can last longer and give your better services. Zippers are used for many types of clothes, equipment, and accessories and as such, the general care of these zippers will ensure they can offer you better services regardless of whether they are used in backpacks, sleeping bags, jackets and so on. Regardless of whether your backpack has heavy duty zippers or not, you should never over stuff it. This can exert a lot of stress on the zipper and it will eventually spoil.

Backpack ZipperBackpack Zipper (image from

Cleaning your zippers is another way you can extend their life. All dirt and grit should be cleaned off the zipper ensures that the zipper teeth will last much longer. This is a common problem in the outdoor industry where your zipper teeth become obstructed due to dirt.  Hiking backpacks should always be cleaned with soapy water. As such, all the types of zipper you buy from us, such as tent zippers at should always be well maintained for them to last longer.

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Christmas Celebration 2016

This is a sponsored post and all mentioned here are my thoughts and opinions.

Waking up at the melancholic pitter-patter of raindrops on my window reminds me that Christmas is in the air. Unlike in the West, we never get to experience the delightful surprise of snow every time we go out. Instead, it is usually a light drizzle of rain or simply the chilly December air that greet us Filipinos in the morning.

Christmas Celebration 2016

As I went to the window to see if the rain has stopped and of course to contemplate a little about life, I could not help but think of how will I celebrate this year’s Christmas.

I believe that personal as well as financial preparations must be done. I think of the clothes I should wear during our family gathering on Christmas eve, the various presents which I can get from the Vitamin Shoppe, and of course the food I should prepare. A sudden jolt of excitement radiated through my system as I imagine all the good stuff I get to make. Traditional dishes will fill our table. Hot chocolate also known as sikwate will also be made available and, one must not forget, the Christmas wine–which is available at and comes with a Groupon Coupons–to complement the holiday feast.

Now the rain had stopped and the sun is making its way through the clouds again. Unexpectedly, this early morning contemplation turned out to be a thorough planning. Then again, I have come to realize that it is not only about how extravagant your presents are or how fancy your holiday feast would be but sharing and giving love as well, not just this season but all throughout the year.

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Song on My Birthday

My birthday celebration this year wasn’t the most costly, but I could say, was the most memorable by far. It was a quick plan but everything went exciting unexpectedly. I’ve received no more than material gifts but unmeasurable love and emotions from my family, especially from my own family – my husband and son.

Birthday Song

The most exciting of all is when I heard my not-so-talented singer hubby singing a birthday song, which definitely is in-tune but of its own tune. 😀 😀 😀 I guess my hubby just needs a musics friend instruments to back him up on his song serenade for me.

Anyway, I am so thankful for all the love sent through messages for me. I treasure all of those.

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