Considering Indonesia on my Birthday Celebration

On my last birthday celebration, the family had a blast of it in a resort in Samal Island in the country. The island is best known for its white sand beaches and other spots, which are inviting for a whole family to spend a day or two. That is actually one of the many reasons why I opted to stick on that celebration instead of staying at home and just merely having karaoke session with my family friends. I first made sure that not only me who will sure to enjoy the day but also my son, the kids in the family, my family per se and my invited friends.

Remembering the two weeks before my birthday, I and hubby argued where to spend my celebration because of possible inevitable situations to happen. But thanked God the Lord has given me what my heart desired. I actually wanted to supposedly spend that big day outside of the country. Perhaps any southeast Asian country will do. One of the nearest in the country is Indonesia, specifically in Bintan Island.

Why Indonesia?

The very first reason is that, honestly, is that it is accessible from the city we are living. We sure won’t be spending more bucks to travel to another city airport just to take a plane to fly to Indonesia. Another is that the county has requires no visa for any tourist to visit there. So whether will I be flying alone or with my whole family, I will sure to still save bucks on getting a visa and also, anytime we wanted to fly in the country, I got no issues and can visit the country anytime I wanted to – even a day before my birthday or exactly on that day. And lastly, there are great islands in Indonesia where the family can enjoy, and as mentioned above, one of the many islands in Indonesia that every tourist wanted to visit is the Bintan Island.

Bintan IslandBintan Island (image from

Bintan Island is one of many well-known islands in Indonesia where one can find numerous resorts and vacation stops for the whole family. Tourist spots here also offer relaxing ambiance, which are the best places to try for a three-day escape from the busy and stressful life in the city. And in fact, the island is the largest island in the Riau Islands province where a variety of exciting events can be done including water sports activities, leisure and even shopping for great souvenir items.

However, since we only have a very limited budget for the said getaway, the family just settled for the lesser expense celebration, but still in a resort, in Samal Island here in the country. Hopefully, the family can spend a day or two outside the country soon.

Didong’s 9th Birthday is Coming!!!

Days to count with one hand is enough to anticipate Didong’s 9th birthday.

9th Birthday

Yes, you heard that right! Our little cute nephew, my elder sister’s son, will be turning 9 this December 01, 2015 and we, in our family, are all excited for this day. We all are excited enough as we are seeing our man growing real fast. Each and every day that he is showing his manly attitude, skills and talents, and as what the Lord has given to him, it’s not just I but the whole family is being blessed and thankful for this. And so on his 9th birthday, we still can see how grateful and blessed we are for having us Didong in our lives.

Here’s one simple way I can give something for his 9th birthday, I am going to bake Didong’s cake. I just so hope that he will love the cake that I will be baking for him, considering that we are now here in the province and we only have limited source of ingredients.

Happy Birthday Lola Bading!

Today is my grandmother’s 85th birthday and at the same time, my son, Zach, 3rd month of life celebration.

Happy Birthday Lola Bading!

Time flies really fast. Isn’t it? Smiley I just didn’t notice that my baby is getting older each day. And now, we are already celebrating for his 3rd month.

Anyway, what we did and how we prepared for the celebration was we baked cupcakes — those were chocolate cupcakes. We also cooked pancit or noodle which is believed to be a celebration for a longer life and also Leche flan.

The celebration was just so simple. We didn’t invited much visitors — so the celebration became a private one — only to family members. Although it was just a simple one, at least, I am pretty sure that everybody enjoyed the celebration.

For the two celebrants, I am just wishing a healthier years to come and a longer life to live in. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday MamaIt!

Today, MamaIt, as how the kids call her, or simply Bait, that’s really her nickname, is celebrating her 31st birthday today.

Happy Birthday MamaIt!

Yes! You heard that right! My sister, my eldest sister is getting older now and as said, she already surpassed the calendar ages. LOL! That’s actually a local joke, a Visayan joke that once we age more than the number of days in the calendar, then, we are already old.

Anyway, happy happy birthday MamaIt! I and Tonton loves you so much! We are just hoping that you’ll be happy not just today, but on the coming days and may all your wishes will do come true.

Happy birthday once again!

Happy Birthday Ate Maxi!!!

For the second time, I stole one of Ate Maxi’s pictures uploaded in facebook. Haha! The first one was last year, you can see it here.

I have no other reasons why I am stealing Ate Maxi’s picture today but just to tell the world that today is her special day, her birthday! And I am giving her my warmest virtual hug!

Happy birthday te!!! May you have more blessed years to come and have a blast on your birthday!

Oh! By the way, these are her blog which you can drop by, Ovah Coffee, The Past Time Shelf and Swenay.