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Bloggers’ Rendezvous: Arlene

This post is long overdue. Pardon me friends, especially Ate Arlene, because right after our rush-lunch and date together was when my computer and blogs had real bad serious problems. Not until I met Borris, read here our Blogger’s Rendezvous: Borris, I remembered I haven’t blogged about this yet. But at least, am doing it now. It’s better than not. … Continue reading


Bloggers’ Rendezvous: Borris

If I remembered it right, that was around second week of February this year when Borris, a blogger, owner of Be A Life Save of Goodness, from Cebu but is based in Qatar now, announced in the BisDak Facebook group wall that he’ll be coming in the city and that we should meet. And yeah, yesterday, last night, I and … Continue reading


Davao BisDak Bloggers Meet-up

At long last, I and some Davao BisDak Bloggers finally met and have had a dinner together. Davao BisDak Bloggers (L-R): Gagay, Kat, Adaah, Genevive and Verna But pardon me this time because I can’t blog as much as I would want to. I am still on vacation with my family. And personally, I also wanted to make this a … Continue reading


Davao BisDak Bloggers’ Rendezvous

As I have said in my previous post, I will be going home tomorrow for a week-long vacation with the family. But since tomorrow is Friday yet, I will be meeting some Davao BisDak Bloggers first tomorrow night. This is not the first time that I will be meeting blogger buddies, obviously. But this is getting much exciting than my … Continue reading


Happy 35th Birthday Mommy Tina!

My bad!!! I missed greeting Mommy Tina, another mommy blogger friend from BisDak Blogger Network, early this morning. I just realized it’s her birthday today too after I made a scheduled post on Mommy Raya’s birthday today. Anyway, here below, for you today mommy Tina is a cake with 35 candles on it! Have a blast! By the way mommy … Continue reading