Final Listing of Page Rank and Birthday Giveaway Winners

Last January 03, 2012,  I posted a reminder to all my Page Rank and Birthday Giveaway Winners to claim their winnings and even clarified everything on how to claim all their winnings. Since I dated the last day of claiming of prizes to be just on Friday, January 06, 2012, so today, I will process all the winnings and winners are officially NOT ALLOWED to claim winnings anymore.

If any of you would like to discuss these things, kindly read all my posts FIRST and then contact me using the contact form of this blog.

For the final listing of Page Rank and Birthday Giveaway Winners, should you visit Page Rank Shirt Winners and Page Rank and Birthday Giveaway Winners.

A Page Rank and Birthday Thanksgiving SOON!

Noticed something? Smiley

Page Rank Check

This blog, my personal and oldest one ~ Gagay.MD, is now at page rank 3. Smiley Upon seeing the butterfly-looking 3 on my sidebar, there’s only one thing that popped up in my mind but to give thanks to all who has been part of my blogging career. And since my birthday is coming also, in less than twenty days, I will be having a thanksgiving and party online.

But off course, without you, my blogging friends (you know who you are guys Smiley), I won’t be here in the blogging community as well. For now, I am asking your help to celebrate with me and be one of my sponsors for this thanksgiving. Kindly click and fill up THIS FORM for more details regarding sponsorship.

Have great Tuesday guys and hoping you all have a good PR on your blogs today!

It’s Sembreak Giveaway

My friend, MEI, is hosting a new giveaway, It’s Sembreak Giveaway. Smiley I am just a sponsor to this giveaway and so I am inviting everyone to join and get a chance to win awesome prizes.

Just feel free to complete all the necessary tasks below.

I ‘LIKE’ September Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to the eight lucky entrants of my just recently concluded I ‘LIKE’ September Giveaway.

There were a total of 832 VALID entry. Other entries were duplicating so I manually go over those entries. So here below.

Should you guys keep an eye on your email inboxes and even the spam boxes too! Thank you so much for joining!

Have a great weekend!

I ‘LIKE’ September Giveaway Updates

This October 5, 2011, my I “LIKE” September Giveaway will be coming to an end. I am really happy to know that the giveaway went well, by far.

However, I am kind’a sad too knowing that there are a number of entrants who did not followed the instructions or mechanics in joining. I would really love to give blogger shirts and smurf stuffed toy to 8 lucky entrants, but seeing the entries now, there are only a few who could.

BUT BUT BUT, I still am giving chance to each entrants to review and make some completion to what they missed in joining the giveaway. Entrants should check PINOY MD blog, just feel free to click, to be able to update their entries.

Hope to see you there guys!