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When Blogs Forgotten…

If only my blogs have mouth to shout at me or hands to punch me out, I think they already did few months back because I almost forgotten that I have blogs to update and needed a time to check on by. One of the reasons why I can’t spare a time for my blog is that my break time … Continue reading

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For how many years of blogging and earning from blogs, the number of times I thought of giving up my blogs are twice to four times the total number of all my blogs. Yes! You heard it right. I often thought of this especially when I’d been very busy with my personal, academic and professional lives and that, my online … Continue reading

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Last Day of May 2013

Yay! I didn’t noticed it’s almost mid-year now. It’s the last day of May 2013 actually. Whew! Time flies really fast! On this last day of the month of May I noticed that my blogging career has just slowed down. And I don’t know when can I come back, fully blown, blogger again. I am very busy with my personal … Continue reading

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Online Blog Monitoring: Error Alert!!!

I haven’t been blogging like the usual lately because of tight schedule in school and in the hospital. But I still do monitor my blogs with the help of an online blog monitoring services which I had been subscribed at for more than a year now. Just on May 10, 2013, I received an online blog monitoring alert informing me … Continue reading

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Blog Hiatus

It’s 2 weeks now that I haven’t been blogging. Yay! for that blog hiatus weeks. Blog Hiatus (image from wordpress.com)  I didn’t actually do anything on those weeks. I just make myself calm and relax from all the school works before I dive again for another bulk of school stuff to welcome. And yes, as of the writing of this … Continue reading

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