That Dream Car

This is a sponsored post and all written here are my opinion.

We are not from a well-off family. Having our own car is something that we really need to work and strive more than double to have it. In fact, I used to dream of only having a second-hand or used Volkswagen beetle car since it is the cheapest and I thought the only car I can afford to have.

However, when I graduated medical school, things changed and I realized there are something more than a used car to have. I still have that dream car, the Volkswagen beetle though, but stumbling upon, I have known more about that iconic-shaped wheels I had been longing to drive. I became more informed and even well-versed with the dream car I been wishing for.

I cannot say that my dream car is almost a reach now, but how I wish I could, maybe some day, but has helped me virtually assess how to run and operate the beetle., in fact, not only showcases affordable cars auctioned and offered online for those who are having a tight budget but needing the wheels, but you will get the information you need for every cars, such as specs, engine usage and consumption and a lot more, by their car reviewers.

If you are planning to get your dream car too, you may visit the site and choose your preferred wheels to drive.

Take Your Side by Side to the Next Level

If you love to venture out on your UTV, you are not alone. Polaris has brought out an exciting line of machines and more riders are leaving their four wheelers behind to find out what a side by side is all about. Once you take the plunge, you may never go back to your typical four wheeler. Your side by side can take you anywhere you want to go, whether you are hitting a rocky slope, headed into the desert, or taking a winding trail through the wilderness. Best of all, you can have someone riding shotgun or passengers in back if you go for the larger model. Once you get your ride, you need to personalize. Take it up a notch with accessories that will help you to get the most out of your machine.


Give Yourself More Protection
When you switch to a UTV, you have the benefit of a cage, seatbelts, and a net or doors to keep you inside your machine. There’s less of a risk of anyone falling out or falling off, even if you roll your ride. While stock features are good and offer many benefits, they’re not going to keep the elements off of you and your passengers. You’ll find that there is a broad selection of products that have been designed to enhance your UTV. Consider a windshield to keep the mud, dirt, and dust from the trails off of you. A roof is the next order of business when you don’t want the rain or snow landing on your head. It’s also a plus when you can keep the hot sun from beating down on your during a day of riding. Windshields and roofs offer you one more barrier. They’re a protective feature that is ideal for a safety-conscious driver who wants to be more comfortable while out for a ride.

Make Your Machine What You Want
When it comes to being satisfied with your UTV, it’s up to you. You can leave it alone or you can enhance your machine with your choice of accessories. After you’ve added a roof and a windshield, you won’t want to stop there. If you have options to improve performance or you can dress up your UTV with lights, bumpers, and stereo equipment. Browse here for inspiration when you’re looking for something extra for your side by side.

Driving My Car

Driving my car — my own car in this very moment for a medical student like me seems like very impossible. Our family is not well-off. But yes, my parents can provide what we need in school. Only that and nothing else more.

So thinking of things like driving my car these days is yet a wish I hope a fairy goddess would give me. But I am kind of thankful, somehow, of not having my own car this time because the fact that streets here in Cebu City are too narrow compared to Davao City where I used to drive. I am afraid I might end up bumping other cars or even the worse, my car should be pulled through its trailer hitches or towed by big trucks. I know, I still need more driving practice especially in cities like Cebu.

Roof Racks for Vehicles – Convenience and Functionality in One

Having a pick-up truck can be a great thing. It can transport a lot of stuff and if there are whispbar roof racks installed on it, it would really be of so much help.

If your family is fond of traveling and of the outdoors, these roof racks are great for putting on travel stuff and probably even bicycles and other gears. For my family, these roof racks are really great, it can be used for our business and for our family travels. It does add extra space even though stuff are exposed to the outside and natural elements.

But for me, I really don’t mind at all, as long as it can lighten our burden of transporting and carrying heavy stuff. Aside from giving our vehicle good looks, it also offers unparalleled functionality. It can also house different rack accessories so whenever you need the space, the roof has always that extra room.

Maybe I can suggest this to my father, this roof rack will really be of good use to him, and probably to my brother too. We can have it installed and then enjoy the benefits of roof racks. If my father buys my idea, then it will be most wonderful.

Not a Driving Expert Yet

No one taught me to drive. I learned to drive by myself or sort of like that. I am the assertive type that driving never became a daunting task for me. Probably because I learned to be independent at an early age, I wanted to take all the initiative to learn this important skill. And though I already know how to drive, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to car parts and all things related to the mechanics involved in making a car run.

Diagnosing a “sick car” is one that I haven’t mastered yet. I still rely on people who are experts to things like these. There are certain gears or car parts that I have a few knowledge of and how they function but I still have to study more about it. When cars break down or like when a repair using Vibralign Alignment is needed, the experts and the professionals are really the ones to call. I could not put at risk my life and the lives of the passengers when I do the repair myself.

Just like studying in Medical school, learning about cars and car parts are relative. It takes a lot of patience and understanding. This is done so that lives will be saved and accidents can be avoided. When I drive, I want my passengers to be safe with me all the time and make sure that we reach our destination in one piece.