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Packing Things Up

It’s a very rush decision for me to take that I need to move out from our old place in Cebu City and look for a new one. Since I really need to, I have to pack my things in a rush also. Some of the things that I bought to pack my things up are big boxes, plastic cellophane, … Continue reading

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Today is PayDay — May 30, 2012

Today is PayDay — May 30, 2012 to almost but not all working men. And this is what most of my friends in Facebook‘s status updates. Reading them all, I envy them for their regular monthly payday. And you don’t need to ask me further why. Today is PayDay — May 30, 2012 (image source and credits) For how many … Continue reading


Driving My Car

Driving my car — my own car in this very moment for a medical student like me seems like very impossible. Our family is not well-off. But yes, my parents can provide what we need in school. Only that and nothing else more. So thinking of things like driving my car these days is yet a wish I hope a … Continue reading

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House Cleaning on Sunday Afternoon

I was supposed to attend the first Sunday mass this morning, but right after I took a bath, I was bothered with my tummy crumbling terribly bad. So I decided not to go else where then. I just stayed at home this morning. But boredom really sucks so I opted to do some household chores. I actually clean the house, … Continue reading

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Sunday is A Good Girl Day

I am still feeling unwell since I arrived here in Cebu City last week. Aside from my monthly menstrual syndromes, the abrupt change of weather really made me physically weak. I was suffering from fever and colds until today. I’m not pretty sure if I am not healthy nor my immune system is weak but the fact that Mindanao’s weather … Continue reading