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Gay Housemate

Up until now, I and my housemate, Grace, is still looking for another housemate to utilize the third and vacant room here in our place. You can read my post here, Wanted Housemate and here, Room for Rent in Cebu City about this. There were actually a number of people inquiring the room. But I couldn’t decide alone since I … Continue reading


Sophisticated Hotel Supplies at Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu City

If we are friends in Facebook or you’re one of my subscribers there, you surely would know that I had a gluttonous buffet dinner at Feria Restaurant in Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu City. Did you see my check-in above? I just lifted that from my Facebook wall. It was my first ever try of the hotel’s eat all you can … Continue reading

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Who? ME? Saleslady?

Sales attendants in malls, sometimes, are annoying. It’s ok for me to greet me as soon as I enter their stall premise but flocking you and repeatedly asking what am I looking for is irritating. One time, I looked for a folding bed at Ace Hardware in SM Cebu City. One sales boy greeted me while two others followed me … Continue reading


Bloggers’ Rendezvous: Borris

If I remembered it right, that was around second week of February this year when Borris, a blogger, owner of Be A Life Save of Goodness, from Cebu but is based in Qatar now, announced in the BisDak Facebook group wall that he’ll be coming in the city and that we should meet. And yeah, yesterday, last night, I and … Continue reading


First Day of Lent Season 2012 — Ash Wednesday

Today, February 22, 2012, is the first day of Lent Season 2012 — Ash Wednesday. This has been my yearly “dos” as a Christian. So just right after our exam this morning, I immediately rushed to the Basillica del Sto. Nino here in Cebu City for me to be able to catch the 8:30 AM mass. Enough with my adrenaline, … Continue reading

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