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Movavi Screen Recorder Keeps You Up To The Mark!

Movavi screen recorder for PC is one of the most widespread webcam with lots of screen capturing software alternatives. Movavi has many editing tools and offers a lot of support in learning them thus making it one of the most desired options for video capture. Besides offering with recording tools it also has seminar online which aid you in getting … Continue reading

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What Is Spyware And What Does Norton 360 Do About It?

Of all the threats on the internet today, spyware is one of the scariest. It ties in with identity theft as well as a whole host of other problems, and basic antivirus software may not protect against it. By understanding what spyware is and what Norton 360 antivirus software does about it, you will be able to understand what you’re … Continue reading

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Unusual Things DONE!

Just lately, I noticed myself doing things I never thought I could do — nor even imagine myself or foreseeing myself doing strange things, for me, like this. I am sure, you are getting curious of what I am talking about. Yes! I am playing Facebook games which is really eating almost all of my time. I can’t even blog … Continue reading

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Buggle in Facebook — Stuck on Level 36

I have just recently blogged about my being addicted to Buggle in Facebook. And yes, I really think am because I am stuck now in level 36 and I do not know how to get over on this level. My sister teased me that she rather play for my account on this level so I could move on. But of … Continue reading

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Buggle in Facebook

Obviously, I am getting bored already with temple runĀ in iPad 2 after I was able to reach my desired top score. Now, at home, I have nothing addicted at but Buggle in Facebook after Tetris Battle. It was my mom who first introduce this game to me. I didn’t mind it at first but when I received a number of … Continue reading