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Considering Online Backup

Learning from the lesson I got from doing something with my Phobtobucket account, I now want to be very vigilant and proactive. Because of that incident, I have lost the images that I have uploaded in my Photobucket account and can no longer retrieve them. That gives me the heads up and a big warning sign, to always have alternatives, … Continue reading

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Internet Bound

In this prevalent time, everyone from different parts of the world seems doing business – big or small in the World Wide Web and they are just getting unstoppable. Who wouldn’t? Imagine the future of today’s businesses without the presence of Internet. Having a website wouldn’t only save you space and time but cost too which is, by the way, … Continue reading

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Two Months Ago..

Yes! It was two months ago when Maysa, my Samsung desktop computer, was infected with viruses and caused her to have audio output device problem. But that unexpected event was still fresh for me and still unforgettable until now. Though I’ve done the most important thing to do every time there is a necessary techie overhaul for a computer — … Continue reading


Online Computer Shopping using Coupons for Dell.com

It’s already more than a year that I do not have my own laptop computer. I miss owning one. After Oshi, my laptop computer before, suffered from an acute viral attacks, I decided to buy new computer set. But not a laptop anymore, a desktop computer, instead. I didn’t know how things gone before not until Oshi showed a very … Continue reading


Random Friday Rants #12

I have nothing special to rant but about my Maysa, my computer. She’s alright now, she’s ok. But I am not satisfied with the way the computer technician did to her because the applications that I wanted to be installed to her were not installed though I paid exactly how much they charged me. Now, I am badly looking for … Continue reading

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