A Week-long to go..

A week from now, I will be celebrating my natal anniversary. I don’t know how to feel it being too far from my family, my old and close friends and M as well. It’s like this is my very first time to celebrate it with my newest and immediate friends here.

I actually feels, right now, a mixed and puzzling emotions. I don’t know how to describe this but it’s getting more blurry as each tick of the clock push the day to the 24th of the month. I don’t even know where this feelings from — be it from the fact that I can’t celebrate and hold a party because of the fact that I can’t have much of the time to prepare for it and because of my tightest budget this time around; or is it from the feelings that a new challenges will be coming and sure to be more knee-jerking experiences.

Excitement TimeExcitement Time (image from fashionista514.files.wordpress.com)

I want to feel the excitement but many said, if you are too excited for an event or for a certain anticipations, that would never come or happen and it might just cause you to feel upset and uncomfortable then. Superstition, it might be, but I guess there’s nothing to be lost if I’d go with what I used to believe. Isn’t it right?

Well, well, well.. If you think this article is a bit confusing, you can’t blame me. I myself is getting puzzled on how to express my puzzling feelings and emotions now. I just type what I feel and think as of this very moment. But what I’m sure is that, a week-long to go and it’s already my birthday.

What innerwear that gives you great feelings?

I don’t go away from home when I am not comfortable about what I wear because I don’t want to suffer and to feel bad every time I went out and something irritates or something makes me uncomfortable. It is very important for all of us to be comfortable in order for us to enjoy what we are doing especially to do what we want to do without any threat of being irritated. In addition, to be satisfied, wear what makes you comfortable to be more productive besides it could help you to build a better confidence when going everywhere.

We all have to use fresh panties everyday for the sake of our confidentiality and to make us more comfortable. I have large number of underwear and the reason why I loved to wear fresh panties is that our vagina is the most sensitive part of our body and we should feel like a newly born baby. Yeah, I have to say that we don’t have a same vagina and we should understand that fact. Our belongings which are inside in our panty are not supposed to smell of anything I mean bad smells instead in should smell good anyway because if it smell good then that is indication that you have a healthy one.

Before I go to sleep I go to the shower first and wash everything to avoid bad hygienic odor and after I wear a fresh panty like lola luna because It makes me more comfortable during at night, Have you encounter the lola luna yet? Be brave and feeling comfortable to wear this. I sleep on my bed where underwear are just on and my bracli wear are one of my favorite because it is very freshy and nice.

A friendly advice, if your vagina don’t smell good then I think you should improve your hygiene and do more something to make it more good because if it smell good it means you have a healthy one and our fresh panty has a big part of it. So, I recommend you to wear fresh and great panties to enjoy the things that you do all day long.

The Magic of Music

You must be bluffing if at some point in your life you don’t find yourself humming your favorite tune while making your breakfast in the morning or singing out loud while in a shower.

Music is pleasing to the ear and an excellent way to express oneself. Who doesn’t want to have music in their life?

Artists arrange them and put some tunes and melodies on them, instrumentalists perform them, radio jocks plays them on air (sometimes even accompanying it with some tech tools like traktor s2 to make it livelier) while people – young and old sing them.

The effect of music has on people varies from one person to another. Music simply has the magic to put you where you want to be at a particular moment and where everything feels alright. Even medical experts believe music can be beneficial to a man’s health and I can’t agree more to that!

God Will Make A Way by Don Moen

Before I will get myself busy today from our medical-dental mission in one of the community in Antipolo City, I will share to you what the very first song I have heard this morning that maybe has woke me up to prepare myself and get ready for our busy Sunday morning.

This is actually a song by Don Moen entitled, God Will Make A Way.

The song really has had touched me – my soul as I heard this one this morning though this wasn’t my first time to listen and hear this song.

And oh, talking about songs and music, a classmate of mine was looking for members of their band for the medical school. Opps! I didn’t say I have plans to join but I am just thinking of Moog instruments to make their musics more excellent to listen to.

Have a blessed Sunday all!

Always ‘on the go!’

Many said, doctors, as much as possible, should always be ‘on the go!‘ ‘On the go!’ means that one should always be prepared to any calls and should respond in any time to any and almost all emergency circumstances and be very alert and quick in doing so. In fact, in as early as now, as a medical student, we are always encouraged to be such.

One thing many advised to keep myself ‘on the go!’ is to live a healthy lifestyle. Living in a healthy lifestyle does not only pertain to eating a healthy diet but also keeping off from the sedentary lifestyle and from vices like cigarette smoking, drinking hard liquor and more. Another thing is to take in food supplements since, as evident in the medical field, it couldn’t be avoided for any medical professional to have a sleep of only not more than three or five hours. So taking in some food supplements, could somehow alleviate the stress and supply the body’s needed nutrients.

Talking about food supplements, Herbal City LLC provides food supplements especially for depression and anxiety disorders. These supplements include Party enhancers, K6 herbal incense and Spiritual powders. I haven’t personally tried these supplements yet, but I am not closing any doors to trying one soon if given the chance.

Accordingly, the above mentioned supplements are helpful in easing out any mood problems. But one thing’s sure, these products would make one always on the go!