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Bluer than Blue

It is just a part of the lyrics of the song titled Bluer Than Blue by Michael Johnson. I don’t feel like singing the song nor listening to it this very moment. But literally feeling and suffering from it now. It is actually more than two months now that I am feeling emotionally down. And as what the song and … Continue reading

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Today is PayDay — May 30, 2012

Today is PayDay — May 30, 2012 to almost but not all working men. And this is what most of my friends in Facebook‘s status updates. Reading them all, I envy them for their regular monthly payday. And you don’t need to ask me further why. Today is PayDay — May 30, 2012 (image source and credits) For how many … Continue reading



I don’t know what I’ve eaten yesterday that I have fully forgotten to close the main door of our apartment. I had a very good night sleep from around late afternoon and woke up just around 5’oclock this morning. I just noticed it when I walked downstairs to the living room and saw that the main door was still wide … Continue reading


iPad 2, NO MORE!

I know I am more or less a month late in updating my iPad 2 after my computer crashed. I have hard time doing so because I need to synchronize my iPad 2 again to another iTunes application. With this sync-ing stuff and others made my night (last night) and morning this day ruined. I woke up with nothing even … Continue reading


Making Some Noise

I’m not in the mood of making or completing my online stuff today nor dancing with all of those school requirements. In short, I just want another day for the weekend to make myself relax and could bring back my physical strength after those lazy weekend I had. This morning, when I woke up, I felt like things are irritating … Continue reading

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