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Buggle in Facebook — Stuck on Level 36

I have just recently blogged about my being addicted to Buggle in Facebook. And yes, I really think am because I am stuck now in level 36 and I do not know how to get over on this level. My sister teased me that she rather play for my account on this level so I could move on. But of … Continue reading

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Buggle in Facebook

Obviously, I am getting bored already with temple runĀ in iPad 2 after I was able to reach my desired top score. Now, at home, I have nothing addicted at but Buggle in Facebook after Tetris Battle. It was my mom who first introduce this game to me. I didn’t mind it at first but when I received a number of … Continue reading


Facebook Tetris Battle

I wasn’t sure how things started but only when I woke up one day, I saw myself asking for energy gifts from Facebook friends. Yes! I need energy refill for my Facebook tetris battle. Facebook Tetris Battle is my new addiction now. Haha! But please, don’t challenge me yet. I am still new to this online game. I don’t even … Continue reading


Busy Summer 2012

It is summer time in the country. Most of my friends are already in their hype of sharing post-vacation and post-get-away photos and albums in their Facebook accounts. From their sexy flaunted bodies under the heat of the sun up to the drivers of the cabs their renting for their escapade, are all revealed. But these stuff didn’t cause me … Continue reading


I ‘LIKE’ September Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to the eight lucky entrants of my just recently concluded I ‘LIKE’ September Giveaway. There were a total of 832 VALID entry. Other entries were duplicating so I manually go over those entries. So here below. You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway. Should you guys keep an eye on your email inboxes and even the spam boxes … Continue reading