Horseback Riding Plans

I already mentioned it in my other blog that I missed horseback riding activity during our visit in Tagaytay. And every time I see people enjoying the horseback riding experience, I always envy them for not letting that moment pass by.

So now that some of my immediate friends are planning to visit Tagaytay, and of course, to try also horseback riding activity, I am thinking of joining with them. I don’t want to miss this horseback riding plans again like before. But just so funny to think about, though the date to save for the said event is still this coming October, in as early as now, I am already fetching ideas on what to wear on horseback riding activity.

I’d been checking sports shops and found some there. However, they are not the ones I first imagined of. Maybe I just want a more fashionable and in-style that also fits my personality as well. And of course, I don’t want to wear just any color, I want green colored horseback riding outfit.

As soon as I can find one, I will sure to share it to you.

Summer Ray Bans

One of the many fashion accessories which we almost always first thought of when during summer days is fashionable sun glasses which includes Ray Bans.

I am not so keen on choosing one but for as long as it fits on me — on the shape of my face and I am comfortable wearing it, then I won’t hesitate grabbing that such Ray Bans then. Some of the in-style Ray Bans’ colors today are brown, green, gray and silver gradient polarized lenses. Aside from its trendy colors, these lens colors can perfectly protect the eyes from the sunny environment.

Pandora Charms — Pandora Watches

When I went home last holiday vacation of 2012, my sister, Wewee, asked me if she can have my silver Timex watch. With that ambush moment, I just said to her yes. Basically, when I flew back in my new place, I had nothing on my wrist but my Holy Rosary bracelet. But since wrist watches are very useful and needed when having ward duties, I opted to sport fashionable wrist watches online. And here’s what I found, the pandora charms.

Pandora Charms — Pandora Watches:

Pandora Facets Black Crown Diamond White Ceramic Gold-Plated Watch
Pandora Facets Black Crown Diamond White Ceramic Gold-Plated Watch (image from

Pandora Fleur Black Crown Diamond Gold-Plated WatchPandora Fleur Black Crown Diamond Gold-Plated Watch (image from

Pandora Liquid Black Crown Diamond Black Leather WatchPandora Liquid Black Crown Diamond Black Leather Watch (image from

Pandora Double Oblong Black Crown Diamond WatchPandora Double Oblong Black Crown Diamond Watch (image from

From all these Pandora Watches shown above, what do you think is the most appropriate for me — for ward duties? Can you give me some ideas?

Requirements for a Men’s Winter Wardrobe

Men never seem to think about updating their wardrobes when the temperature changes. At least they do not place as much importance on it as a woman does. However, it is just as important for them to have a wardrobe that is appropriate for winter weather.

Men's Winter WardrobeMen’s Winter Wardrobe (image from

Below are several must-have items to create a men’s winter wardrobe:

Coats are perhaps the most important piece of a winter wardrobe. Since men tend to work outdoors more than women, they need to have a warm winter coat. Leather or fabrics such as corduroy make great coats since they are tough and durable.

Men also need at least one good pair of gloves. Leather is the material often used. This is the most desired material due to its durability. However, leather alone will become cold. For that reason, cotton or fur-lined leather make the best gloves.

Mens shoes:
Another important part of a man’s winter wardrobe is his footwear. In the cold winter months, it is important to keep the feet warm and dry. Wellies are a great way to assure warm and dry feet no matter how wet or cold it is outside. Work boots are also a good idea for a man’s winter attire.

Men are typically hard on pants. For that reason, it is imperative to buy high-quality pants that will withstand a man’s abuse. Jeans are usually the most durable. Investing in a great pair of jeans that fit correctly is smart.

Another winter must-have item is a great hat. Men often wear baseball caps, but in the winter, they may need something more substantial. Toboggans or hats with ear flaps are great options when it comes to keeping the head warm when the temperature drops.

Men sometimes have a hard time finding shirts that fit them properly. This is especially true if they have long arms. Choose a long-sleeved shirt in a high-quality material for the best possible result. The high-quality material will be less likely to shrink and no longer fit. Be careful not to choose a shirt that is too warm as a man will wear his shirt indoors. Keep that in mind when choosing winter shirts.

Just like women, men have to update their wardrobes when the cool weather arrives. The above list highlights the must-have items to put together a proper winter wardrobe. The most important aspect of great winter attire is keeping men warm and dry in the dreary winter weather.

Women’s Perfume: Marks and Spencer Adored Eau de Toilette

I am such a sucker of women’s perfume. I buy, collect, display and select what to use everyday. I can’t blame myself why I love shopping different kinds, brands and scents of women’s perfume because my mom is like that also. I guess, one can blame my mom. I am just like her — and accordingly, it runs in the family. LOL!

Marks & Spencer Adored Eau de ToiletteMarks and Spencer Adored Eau de Toilette (image from

The image above, Marks and Spencer  Adored Eau de Toilette, is the most recent addictive perfume I have. Aside from it’s very sexy bottle with a floral band on it, this violet-bottled women’s perfume is really a head-turner as experienced. Humbly sharing, a lot of my friends has already adored to this perfume as well.