Some Beefy Treats on a Leap Day of Leap Year 2016

It’s one of many days of the year when every shopping malls in the country offers a huge promos and discounted offers on several items. Indeed a perfect time to go shopping. However, because I am with my little man, I just opted to just stay at home, and sported for some beef homemade recipes over the internet to try on.

Some Beefy Treats on a Leap Day of Leap Year 2016

There are actually a lot of beef homemade recipes I found. They all range from the simplest one, where you will just add two or three ingredients and you will sure to have a mouth-watering beef treat in your platter, to the more complicated recipes where you need to pre-process some ingredients before moving to the main cooking procedures.

Just right after I collected a number of recipes to try in my kitchen, I realized I do not have a pressure cooker. So, how else can I make these beefy meat softened as fast as I could knowing the fact that I am preparing this for the leap day of the leap year 2016?

Can you guess how our day ended?

I and my little man ended our day dining out. I looked for a restaurant that serves the best beefy goodies in town. I even checked online from some blogger friends’ posts. Although I failed at first because I did  not found those images really enticing, but still I tried checking the restaurant, and voila, we were able to try the really delicious beefy goodness that had been dancing in my mind ever since I thought of preparing one in my kitchen.

To sum my leap day of the leap year 2016 up, it was a bit exciting as to searching for some beefy treats  recipes that I first thought to prepare but ended up dining out with my little one. At least we both had a good day bonding together inside the mall though we did not shop.

How to get fit?

I have just mentioned in my previous post that I have to get fit real soon. But my problem is actually not on anything else but myself because sometimes I do feel lazy enough to start my daily routine of sweating. Even it’s just 10 minutes to take to sweat out, I am getting already losing energy even just thinking of it. But of course, this does not hinder me to get fit.

To follow a daily exercise routine to get fit is actually just 10 – 20% of it. Sweating, losing those excess fat, making the muscles lean, are just some of those results. But the 80 – 90% comes from the food we eat.

get fitImage from

Even in maintaining a healthy body, does not require a continuous daily regimen of sweating. Although it is better to have it at least some time in a week, eating the right food still remains the building blocks in achieving and maintaining the well-balanced healthy circulation of the blood, and other normal functions of the body.

A good example for this are two of our family friends who both are of same age, male, but having different lifestyles. The first one had been doing outdoor stuff like running, jogging just to sweat out but once or twice a week, he drinks alcoholic beverages, fatty and sweet foods day after another. While the other man, rarely run nor jog but very conscious on what he eats.

Do you guys can guess who between the two just recently experience the symptoms of heart disease?

I am sure you can guess now and can even conclude how to get fit.

It’s the former, actually.

Table Setting at Home

I just recently shared in my food blog that I am going to start steaming, instead of baking, my favorite foods. Should I say, I’ll start preparing my homemade goodies for my family by steaming because, obviously, I got no oven yet at home. And what I can afford by now is just simply a 3-layer steamer yet. I have also shared in that food blog of mine what I am gonna share this week as my first kick in my steaming journey.

Aside from the steaming stuff I am preparing now, I am also thinking of beautifying my kitchen which I thought to start in our 6-sitter rectangular wooden dining table. But staring at it, I just told myself how I wish to own a premier table linens wherein the designs really invites me to get one. But as what I’ve mentioned earlier that I got a tighter budget now, maybe that table linen can still wait for the right time to be set in our table at home. I might just settle for the cheaper and yet with elegance still, instead.

Restaurant Hopping

I am not really choosy in food preferences nor in restaurants for as long as it serves clean and well-prepared foods and the place is obviously hygienic. So when my friends invited me to go on restaurant hopping, I didn’t hesitate to immediately say yes. However, I wasn’t able to make it on our scheduled date because I was busy again.

Restaurant HoppingRestaurant Hopping (image from

The night after the said restaurant hopping which I missed out, my friends shared their photos in Facebook and I was really envious to them — to their exciting experience and of course, the laughs and chats I could ever imagine when we can get together. They even threw me a joke that they’d been to restaurants lehigh valley like that in Philadelphia because they were able to hop a very classy restaurant which they said was looking somehow the same as Leaf Restaurant Cigar Bar and Lounge.

How I wish I could join the group on the next restaurant hopping date.

Stay Healthy and Fit

I can’t say that I am healthy nor totally physically fit. But at least, by far, I am out from severe and deadly diseases.

Having those in mind, I still try my best to keep myself stay healthy and fit by eating the right and well-balanced diet and of course, I also spare a time to do my routine treadmill work out. Doing the treadmill workout is the only way for me to get rid of my extra stored fats, I presume, and also to keep my heart literally healthy.

I stumbled upon Neil Haboush website where training and work out tips and plans were posted. One of the training tips that the website shared is the proper planning of the work out to do. There is a need to keep track of the trainings and regime — with the use of training journals. Journals will help one monitor how he has gone through the trainings and even check how he has progressed on the said regime. He can record on the journal the ‘before’ and ‘after’ data so he can compare results even day after day.

Personally, I have no journals made for my treadmill work out. I intentionally do it since I don’t want to push myself to do the next higher regime. And also, doing the treadmill work out is just like a hobby for me also and a cardiovascular check for me. It is not really to intentionally get rid from those unwanted fats.