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Some Beefy Treats on a Leap Day of Leap Year 2016

It’s one of many days of the year when every shopping malls in the country offers a huge promos and discounted offers on several items. Indeed a perfect time to go shopping. However, because I am with my little man, I just opted to just stay at home, and sported for some beef homemade recipes over the internet to try on. … Continue reading

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How to get fit?

I have just mentioned in my previous post that I have to get fit real soon. But my problem is actually not on anything else but myself because sometimes I do feel lazy enough to start my daily routine of sweating. Even it’s just 10 minutes to take to sweat out, I am getting already losing energy even just thinking … Continue reading

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Table Setting at Home

I just recently shared in my food blog that I am going to start steaming, instead of baking, my favorite foods. Should I say, I’ll start preparing my homemade goodies for my family by steaming because, obviously, I got no oven yet at home. And what I can afford by now is just simply a 3-layer steamer yet. I have … Continue reading

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Restaurant Hopping

I am not really choosy in food preferences nor in restaurants for as long as it serves clean and well-prepared foods and the place is obviously hygienic. So when my friends invited me to go on restaurant hopping, I didn’t hesitate to immediately say yes. However, I wasn’t able to make it on our scheduled date because I was busy … Continue reading

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Stay Healthy and Fit

I can’t say that I am healthy nor totally physically fit. But at least, by far, I am out from severe and deadly diseases. Having those in mind, I still try my best to keep myself stay healthy and fit by eating the right and well-balanced diet and of course, I also spare a time to do my routine treadmill … Continue reading