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The Love of Nuts

Be it a tree or soil nuts, I can chew them all day all night. Yes! That’s how I love nuts! That’s one food I couldn’t live without especially pistachio nuts! That maybe the reason why I was craving for nuts and even longing for a Garland gift basket delivery package from M. Off course, M knows how I get … Continue reading

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Sophisticated Hotel Supplies at Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu City

If we are friends in Facebook or you’re one of my subscribers there, you surely would know that I had a gluttonous buffet dinner at Feria Restaurant in Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu City. Did you see my check-in above? I just lifted that from my Facebook wall. It was my first ever try of the hotel’s eat all you can … Continue reading

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How To Brew Beer

It’s more than a year already since I stopped sipping beer. Yeah! I used to drink before, especially when I was in college. And when I entered medical school, I told myself to stop, good enough, I was able to. But I can’t be sure that I could forget how to. LOL! It’s because, beer, undeniably, is a good drink … Continue reading


Photo Booth Funnies at the Cebu International Food and Travel Expo 2011

Many say I am photogenic. I say, at least even in photographs, I look awesome and beauteous whether  stolen/candid or poised poses. Am I? That is why, every time there is a big event else where, I keep getting photographed. LOL! Because I know, I look more gorgeous and pretty in front of a camera. Haha! Do not disagree with … Continue reading


Short Sale at the Cebu International Travel and Food Expo 2011

If any didn’t know yet, I love traveling. I love foods. There ain’t no any reasons for me not to attend the Cebu International Travel and Food Expo 2011. Events like expos are always exciting to attend to because of the flooding sales, discounts and promos available to all the guests and visitors. Basically, those are my reasons why I … Continue reading