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Giving Corporate Gifts the Right Way

Giving gift is a form of communication. We give gifts because we want the receiver to know what we think of them, what our perception is and how we feel towards them. Thoughtful gifts are those that are carefully chosen regardless of size and value. It is meant to make the receiver feel special and remarkably loved. On the other … Continue reading

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Requested Birthday Gift — Customized T-shirts

A very close friend of mine has just celebrated her birthday a week ago. Since I am far from her and I can’t celebrate with her, I just decided to give her a birthday gift. But I don’t have any clues and ideas what she wanted to have lately so I intentionally asked her what she wanted to. So when … Continue reading

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Gift Wrapping

Since I was a kid, gift giving has always been a part of holiday season and Christmas party at home. Even those far-living relatives are never forgotten to include in the list of gifts to be wrapped. However, this time seems to be very different than before where we — I and my siblings are the one who used to … Continue reading


I want NEW..

..pairs of running shoes this Christmas! As far as I could remember, the last time I had a pair of running shoes was three years ago. But only use it for just less than a year because in medical school, we are only allowed to use formal school shoes. I am including this shoes this time in my wishlist since … Continue reading


Gifts Always Make Us Smile

A few relatives of mine are living abroad and every time December draws near, they would never fail to send small packages for us here. The small boxes usually contain a whole lot of goodies like lotions, shirts, belts, bath soaps, canned goods and everyone’s favorite, chocolates! (Image from kadenscorner.com) Fortunately, these packages never get lost because my relatives use … Continue reading