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iPad Sound is NOT WORKING!

My little man used to play online educational videos as wells as apps in my undeniably vintage iPad 2. You’d probably guess what I mean of “vintage iPad 2”. Yes, you’re right! This iPad is included in the first batches of iPad sold here in the country years ago. If you may try to browse this blog of mine, you’ll … Continue reading

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I want POCKET WiFi!

With the advancement of technology we are having today, I guess, I am just the only only one being left behind. If you didn’t know it, my iPad 2 do not have a 3G capability specs. It only allows internet browsing through WiFi connection. Hence, I could not connect to my online life without any WiFi ranges available. When I … Continue reading

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Broken iPad 2 Cases

My bad!!! Two of my iPad 2 cases were broken and I just noticed them this early morning. These two ipad cases were both just recently bought in Cebu City before I moved in here in my new place. Definitely, they are still supposed to be in good and working conditions because I just moved in here a week and … Continue reading

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iPad 2, NO MORE!

I know I am more or less a month late in updating my iPad 2 after my computer crashed. I have hard time doing so because I need to synchronize my iPad 2 again to another iTunes application. With this sync-ing stuff and others made my night (last night) and morning this day ruined. I woke up with nothing even … Continue reading


Addicted to Temple Run in iPad 2

I supposed to finish all my online tasks last night because Friday night is my blog marathon night. However, after I had my dinner, I usually take some minutes of rest first like 10 or 15 minutes before diving again in my online tasks, but it took me until 11:00 o’clock last night just solely playing temple run in my … Continue reading