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Lucky Charms are Not Enough

The Chinese new year was splendid! I am no Chinese but I believe everyone truly had a blast. While we were strolling at the mall, loud music was resonating everywhere from different wah pedals and other instruments. I have also seen a wide range of lucky charms and Feng Shui paraphernalia sold in various stalls. Upon taking a glimpse of … Continue reading

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Music Store

Music is the song of the soul. It’s even more meaningful and soulful to listen when played beautifully by a professional and trained musical instrumentalist¬†with a heart. I have one close friend who used to have a music school. Her husband used to be a band instrumentalist and just not too long ago they decided to put up their own … Continue reading

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Shopping for Karaoke

Since I’ve decided to work at home – online, for me to have more time with my precious boy, I have no other stress-relieving stuff to do at home but to sing. I do not have musical instruments my own here, but rather utilizing online youtube videoke instead. Sometimes, I get bored with all these youtube videos, I got to … Continue reading

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Musical Instruments for Kids

Music is, accordingly, the voice of the soul. It can convey emotions and even explains your present abstract mood and puzzled mind. This is perhaps the reason why I want my little man knows how to sing well, if not perfect. Another reason is that I am not well-gifted with such talent in singing, so better yet, at least, my … Continue reading

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Little Guitarist

My little man has been fascinated lately to musical instruments specifically the guitar. So I intentionally brought him to an American thrifty shop in the locality just expecting that we could both bring home some goodies. Image from¬†dreamstime.com Indeed, we found a toy guitar. Since we just had it from a thrifty store, one could expect it worn out but … Continue reading

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