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Happy Birthday Mama Mary!

It’s Mama Mary’s birthday today! A day to celebrate Her unending love and motherly care to us. Mama Mary, I know I am not as often as I could pray for You but You know in my heart that You are always praised and loved. I will always be grateful and faithful of Your love to me. Thank you so … Continue reading

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No birthday celebration

I have just mentioned in one (1) of my blog posts this month that November is my birthday month but I do not know yet how will I celebrate my big day. The very reason for this is because of the very limited fund. This time around, being a mother and a wife, I need of course, to prioritize what … Continue reading

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November 13, 2015 is ‘Friday the 13th’

Try to check your calendars and I’m pretty sure you will see that today, November 13, 2015 is ‘Friday the 13th’. Isn’t it? But why does many considers Friday the 13th as a day that everybody needs to be careful of? I personally do not understand this one also. But what I have read online from the internet articles is … Continue reading

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Immaculate Conception 2013 celebration

Celebrating the Immaculate Conception is almost always a memorable one for the family since it is also the celebration of the birthday of our late grandfather. Aside from offering a mass for our Lady of Immaculate Conception, we also offer a mass for our grandfather. And to everyone who used to be a devotee of the Immaculate Conception, here’s a … Continue reading

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A Birthday, that was!

I just celebrated my birthday on the 24th. It was just a simple celebration but was very memorable for me, for my family because it was also the christening ceremony of our cute little baby boy, Zach. M and I really planned and decided to make the christening and birthday celebration to be celebrated as one so we could also … Continue reading

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