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Immaculate Conception 2013 celebration

Celebrating the Immaculate Conception is almost always a memorable one for the family since it is also the celebration of the birthday of our late grandfather. Aside from offering a mass for our Lady of Immaculate Conception, we also offer a mass for our grandfather. And to everyone who used to be a devotee of the Immaculate Conception, here’s a … Continue reading

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A Birthday, that was!

I just celebrated my birthday on the 24th. It was just a simple celebration but was very memorable for me, for my family because it was also the christening ceremony of our cute little baby boy, Zach. M and I really planned and decided to make the christening and birthday celebration to be celebrated as one so we could also … Continue reading

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Time to get some comfortable sleep

After a hard day at work, we all have the right to take some rest. We tend to relax and unwind in various outlets of our choice. Some of us tend to visit their favorite spa to get a relaxing massage, while others opt to go to a bar and have some drink with friends and a good mix of … Continue reading

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September 13, 2013 is Friday the 13th!

Many said, today is not a good day or such an unlucky day. It’s one of the many her-says or superstitions I always hear since I was small but nothing really happened unlucky or bad to me and to my family, thanked God, every Friday the 13th. Basically the reason why up until now, I still am thinking more than … Continue reading

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Inspirational Quote

Here’s another inspirational message which I just stumbled upon through Facebook.com. I hope you guys learn from this quote. This would really make living simpler and even more inspiring. We shouldn’t just easily surrender in every struggles, trials and failures that come in our way. But instead, we all will consider them as lessons to learn and to fight even … Continue reading

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