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Random Friday Rants #19

As I have mentioned in my other blog, Google seems to be very cruel to me, to my blogs this year. The year almost to set off though but there were no Page Rank improvement on my blogs but rather a demotion of rankings to most of them. Yes! I did nothing with regards to optimizing my blogs and in … Continue reading


“Random Friday Rants” is Back!

It was six (6) months ago that I’ve decided to stop random Friday rants because I’ve gotten busy with my academic and personal lives that I could even almost always left my blogs behind, outdated. But I am not saying I have enough online time to spend for now though but at least, I could weigh and put balance on … Continue reading

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Random Friday Rants — A Bid Goodbye

I don’t want to bid goodbye for my own blogging fun, the Random Friday Rants, but I need to because I can’t personally manage the meme and my blogs as well. I supposed to share a lot of things since I’ve missed the Random Friday Rants last week. But since I want to end this blogging meme, so I better … Continue reading

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Random Friday Rants #18

Thanked God it’s Friday! And it’s time for new Random Friday Rants again! Could you still remember my rant about link brokers? You can read it here, Random Friday Rants #2. Yes! And I am hyped again to rant about this because just this morning I found out that even those link brokers who happen to be your friends are … Continue reading


Random Friday Rants #17

My bad! I am late this week in posting for my Random Friday Rants! I wasn’t feeling good yesterday and the past days. I’ve been suffering from migraine again. Though I was still trying to update my blogs, this Random Friday Rant was one of those I forgot. As mentioned, I was suffering from bad headache, migraine, that was! And … Continue reading