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Saturday 9: You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’

Seems like it’s a very gloomy Saturday for me. I hope this won’t last a day longer. I don’t like having this feeling. Anyway, I better start blogging for me not to feel so sad. 1. In a relationship, have you ever hung in even when you knew for sure it was over? >> Nope! 2. If you had the … Continue reading


Saturday 9: My Best Friend’s Girl

¬†Yay! I forgot it’s Sunday already. I missed Saturday 9 on time! Anyway, here below is my entry. 1. Have you and a friend ever have an argument because you were attracted to the same person? >> Hmp!..as far as I could remember, NO! And would NEVER happen! 2. Who never returns your phone calls? >> Some friends. 3. What … Continue reading


Saturday 9: I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight

Happy first Saturday of August 2011 everyone! 1. Have you ever lost a lover and spent way too much time wondering what they were doing? >> I have ONCE, only ONCE, lost a lover. He cheated on me. But I never took any of my time thinking of him anymore. 2. What was your favorite vacation ever? >> Last year, … Continue reading


Saturday 9: I’m Not in Love

Today is the last Saturday for the month of July 2011. Time really flies so fast. Anyway, here’s another Saturday 9 fun that I am having here. Enjoy! 1. Have you ever been in love but tried to deny it? >> Yeah! 2. Someone throws a party in your honor. The only guests are your past lovers. You’re current spouse … Continue reading


Saturday 9: White Wedding

Today is a not so boring Saturday. I have a lot of things to complete which supposed to be done yesterday Friday. But since the weather here is getting gloomier day after day which is very conducive for sleeping, I actually went to sleep immediately as I arrived home last night. All of my blogging tasks are still pending. LOL! … Continue reading