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Book Sale Event

Yesterday, I and the house helper went to the mall to check some baby accessories and apparels. While on our way to the second floor, we passed by on shop where people are gathered and busy doing stuff. Though having my bumps with me, I still had the opportunity to get myself involved in the flock of people. And good … Continue reading

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Geophysical Instruments

After gathering over a decade of research, it was determined that earthquake activity can really change the location of a place by as much as one-tenth of an inch. After reviewing earthquake activity from the past 13 years, it was found that a larger earthquake with the magnitude of 8.0 can have an impact on the earth and affect the … Continue reading

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Decorative Dorm Furniture & Pillows

Decorating a dorm room can be a challenge or a delight for both parent and teenager – after all, it’s a time when a young adult can truly feel like they are leaving the nest, which often means they can’t wait to feather their own nest with great dorm décor and furniture. Of course Mom and Dad are usually footing … Continue reading

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It’s Labor Day 2013!

I am not a certified part of the working group yet so today, I still can’t feel the very essence of Labor Day. Labor Day 2013 (image from deathofkalel.blogspot.com) But this doesn’t mean I don’t honor all the workers in the world. Of course I do. The world would surely stop rotating without all the hard works, sweats and all … Continue reading

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Cheap Cigars

It was a fine afternoon, during a class discussion break, when I and some friends were talking about hobbies to continue and to break before the year ends. Most of the things we tackled were school related but there was only one who mentioned personal hobby which he wanted to break, cigarette smoking. Classroom Discussion (image from coolclassroom.org) Just for … Continue reading

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