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Cajun Accordion For Sale

I have a thrifty shop online where I can sell my personal pre-loved items and that of my little man’s. But to my shock, one client sent me private message via Facebook.com asking if there is a cajun accordion for sale in my online shop. Before I replied back to my client, I made sure I got the best words … Continue reading

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Free Shipping Online Shopping

Who doesn’t shop online for any goodies? I guess nothing. I am pretty sure, even once in our life, we had tried online shopping then especially if those online shops offer free shipping. Isn’t that a good deal? And here’s more that we, shopaholics, are always waiting for, the promos and the discounted offers those shops offer.   Even though … Continue reading

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How to Turn Your Perfume Shopping Experience More Pleasant

Do you know what is smart shopping? If not, it’s high time to make yourself aware of it. Millions of people have adopted the smart shopping idea and they are happy with it. Can you guess? Ok, no more guessing! It is none other than online shopping. It has brought revolutionary changes in the world market. Though, it is a … Continue reading

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Sunday Laugh-trip

M promised me that before I fly home, he’ll accompany me shopping for the kids. That was the only favor I asked him long before because I knew how busy he is in his new job assignment. But M didn’t failed me, he really accompanied me and even more that we watched the latest Filipino comedy movie entitled, This Guy’s … Continue reading

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To Watch “Taken 2” Alone!

I am not used to watch movies alone. But this time, I will really try myself to watch for the movie “Taken 2” alone. Taken 2 (image from FunCheap.com) I am not a big fan of Liam Neeson, the leading actor of this film, Taken 2. But I just loved the story of this film and how much he truly … Continue reading

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