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Have A Worthwhile Skiing Experience with Supertravel!

Skiing is a popular winter activity for many enthusiasts. It is a form of recreational sports that uses narrow strip of either wood, metal, or a combination of both called ski strapped to one’s foot to glide over the snow. Ski Chalet  In the land of mountains like Austria is where this alpine skiing is famous for. Any group of … Continue reading

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Golf, a Challenging Sport

I guess, one of the sports that I don’t really understand that much is golf. I know that one has to hit a small golf ball with golf clubs and as much as possible shoot the ball into a small hole that is within a distance. Now the hole is not that big, just enough for the golf ball to … Continue reading

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Geared for Motorcycle Challenge

I was invited to join the upcoming motorcycle event not as a blogger or a writer but a motorcycle challenger. This sounds very interesting, isn’t this? The sporty side of me suddenly hyped when I first read the message about this. Since then, I was sporting for women’s Olympia Motorcycle Gear and other fashionable outfit. To my bad, even how … Continue reading