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Technology and Letter Writing

In these days of email and text messaging, formal letter writing has affected the way how to write a business letter. Although I am pretty sure that the basic structure is still taught in schools but the technological age seems to have greater influence to the dwindling quality and sometimes really awful letter writing. So when you start making your … Continue reading

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The Complexities of Modern Technological World

In the past few years that I have been here in Cebu, I noticed the never ending construction activities and I have seen a lot of skyscrapers here and there. Although not all building are notably high rise but still it involves financial support from a blueprint planning to a finished product. I particularly mention that because those constructions happened … Continue reading

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Unusual Things DONE!

Just lately, I noticed myself doing things I never thought I could do — nor even imagine myself or foreseeing myself doing strange things, for me, like this. I am sure, you are getting curious of what I am talking about. Yes! I am playing Facebook games which is really eating almost all of my time. I can’t even blog … Continue reading

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I want POCKET WiFi!

With the advancement of technology we are having today, I guess, I am just the only only one being left behind. If you didn’t know it, my iPad 2 do not have a 3G capability specs. It only allows internet browsing through WiFi connection. Hence, I could not connect to my online life without any WiFi ranges available. When I … Continue reading

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Internet Bound

In this prevalent time, everyone from different parts of the world seems doing business – big or small in the World Wide Web and they are just getting unstoppable. Who wouldn’t? Imagine the future of today’s businesses without the presence of Internet. Having a website wouldn’t only save you space and time but cost too which is, by the way, … Continue reading

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