5-day Wedding Preparation

When I and M decided to get married, it took us more than three months to prepare for our big day although it was already a “rush” wedding event because I was already pregnant that time and both of us could not steal an ample amount of time to be out of our different fields of work just to catch up with for the event — having the fact that we both are an island far away from each other and an hour plane ride is needed to be together because of our work. So basically, our wedding was swiftly prepared, but at least it was still one of the most memorable day I and M had.

Christian WeddingAfter our Wedding Ceremony

But I never thought that our not more than three months wedding preparation was the worst in terms of wedding preparation. There, in fact, is one more hasty than ours which just took our family friend 5 days to make all for that big day a reality. Amazing, isn’t it?

With the span of 5 days, the couple speedily arrange from the event’s place to the primary sponsors, including us. And for the wedding motif and theme, they just decided with their own but for the tokens, they fetch some good ideas from us. But because I wasn’t prepared for the said call for advise-consulting, I had no other words uttered but to let them check these affordable 99 cent wedding favors out at Favor Warehouse. For other stuff needed for their wedding, they were able to manage then.

Eventhough the said memorable event of their life had a speedy prep time, it was still a success and enjoyable day. Best wishes to the newly wed!

Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses

Hey hey hey! Just relax! It’s not because I am having this title of my post today, plus size mother of the bride dresses, I am now going to get married soon. But it’s not like that! I just actually wanted to share how I and my friend gotten really tired digging up stores and dress shops that offers plus size dresses for her mother since her brother will be getting married soon.

plus size mother of the bride dressesPlus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses (image from hibridal.com)

The motif of the wedding will be apple green. The image above that I’ve shown here was the first online plus size dress that I’ve seen. But my friend’s mom is a bit conservative and she doesn’t want to wear sleeveless dresses. So we need to look for other dress styles for her mother to use.

Hopefully, a month before the wedding, we can come up with a plus size dress design for her mom.

To Be An Event Photographer — Wedding Photographer

Since I hooked at learning photography, and with my Deborah, my Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera, being an event photographer — a wedding photographer, to be specific, is what I’ve always wanted to become.

Canon Eos 60D DSLR Camera
Trying out Deborah, my Canon EOS 60d DSLR camera

I don’t know but I just want to capture myself those very emotional and memorable photographs I could ever treasure. And I think, those can only be perfectly clicked during every wedding event.

However, sometimes I feel like such desire is not realistic, by far, for me this time. Things are not flowing on the same waves I wanted them to be. For instance, I have received invites to attend weddings, not being part of the entourage but just to practice taking wedding photographs along with my other wedding photographer friends. But of course, aside from my schedules, the thought that I was not personally invited to attend the event hindered me to grab those memorable opportunities to do wedding photography.

Thence, I told myself that maybe, being a wedding photographer is not for me. I oftentimes lose the grip especially when I encounter emotional hindrances in achieving what I dream of becoming to. But somehow, I still hope and try that I could do good in wedding photography, not really that being a professional one like those wedding photographers hired and contacted from any Minneapolis wedding planner, but at least I still can perform best. Not to mention, they really provide superb and hard-to-forget wedding images.

With my eagerness to learn, I opted to just settle for books, magazines and available online uploaded videos of tutorials and other information about wedding photography. I didn’t the enroll summer photography classes which I and a friend first planned to do on the 2012 summer. I didn’t push through with that plan because of some very personal reasons.

Moreover, I was able to buy two (2) photography books from Canon and a number of photography magazines, both local and international issues. Even before I bought those materials, wedding photographs always stun me but it did shook me up more when I saw one of the photographs of Shelley Paulson, a wedding photographer from Minneapolis. One of her wedding images was featured in a column of the magazine labeled as Wedding photography MN. That image was really amazing. And I just wish I could take photos like those someday.

Me? 98% Ready for Marriage?

Oh? Seriously?

No! No! No! No!

This is just another BlogThings.com fun that I missed doing. It’s been a while since I haven’t shared some blogging merriment. So here’s what I had earlier, a makeshift before moving on to my next online stuff.

You Are 98% Ready for Marriage Smiley

This doesn’t mean you should rush out and get married…
But if you did tie the knot, it would probably work out great!

I remember a blogger friend of mine and I talked about weddings and getting marriage. As for her, it is not really that easy to get married if not emotionally, physically and of course, financially settled. She even emphasized ‘financial stability’ because even during the preparation for the wedding day, it is not impossible that money and finances are to be involved and even be a cause for misunderstandings between partners.

In fact, when she had her wedding, she and her husband had a difficult time to decide where to order wedding invitations that could make their chosen designs and themes perfectly styled but at the most affordable cost. Just solely on deciding for wedding invitations had them sleepless nights to think — comparing one shops to another. And things even got worse when they talked other wedding needs like flowers and arrangements in the reception and in the church, the number of principal sponsors and other members of the entourage, the number of guests to be invited in general and a lot more.

All these made the couple’s preparation a bit of ups and downs. But at least, for them, they have successfully conquered those first days of marriage and newly-wed life.

But for me, I don’t really know if I could take these stuff for now. I am sure, and I could say this to myself, I am not ready yet to get married too soon.

Engagement before the Spring begins — March 20, 2012

Since the year has started, I almost always hear people shouting in Facebook about getting engaged or for some, to get married, before the Spring begins — March 20, 2012.

What really is in Spring season that people wanted to get engaged before it begins? I am just wondering. In fact, most of my boy friends now are rushing to get the most unique engagement rings they could have for their loved ones. I do not know, I am still confused!

But of course, I am also happy for my friends to get engaged and to marry soon!